New sketchbook!

Hello! So, there isn’t that much new in the design/art world for me. Except that I got a new sketchbook. I had to buy a new one after my last one fell apart at the binding. It may have been from repeatedly shoving it in my backpack, but the notebook wasn’t really built to last. Anyway, I’m fairly picky when I choose a sketchbook: the paper should be white (not yellow), thick enough that I can’t see pen lines through the other side, good binding, plain cover, easily lays flat, and it needs to be the perfect size to fit into my purse. After I found the right one, I had to begin the arduous process of transferring my important sketches from my old sketchbook to my new one.


My new sketchbook has a lot of my future wedding collection sketches. I have a lot of themes I’d chosen, and 2-4 designs per theme. I’ve only really designed 2 of my collection so far, but I’m hoping once I have more breaks during school I’ll be able to work on it more. I also have sketches of my future pricing guide, and some branding projects I started. I’m still waiting for some inspiration to strike me so that I can name my new blog, and then design branding for it. I really can’t wait to get started on it, but I definitely need the perfect name!

notebook_honoey notebook_wedding1 notebook_wedding2

New sketchbooks are exciting because of all of the blank pages I can fill! I need to keep my resolution and continue to draw every day if I can. I spent most of yesterday drawing and I loved it. I can’t share the illustration yet, because it’s a surprise present, but I will share it later on!